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Israeli Soldier
ISRAELI SOLDIER:   While in Israel, the artist, Les Sher, had the opportunity to dine with several Israeli soldiers. One soldier in particular, Elie, captivated Les with a twinkle in his eye and a serious look on his face. When Les returned home, he had a burning desire to make a picture of the soldier. The soldier was most kind and soft spoken about his responsibilities for his family and his country. When he described his life in the army he did not complain about the long hours and danger, but was very proud to serve his country. He talked about what he wanted to do once out of the army and his plans for the future. After spending three years in the army like all Israeliā€™s must do, he will be off to study at the University and will also do some traveling around Europe and the United States. Note that in this stamp art collage, the stamps that were used are all Israeli postage stamps.

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