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Liberty Bell
THE LIBERTY BELL:  This collage represents the artist's somber emotion. If you note the bottom of the picture you will see stamps of various American Presidents whose heads are pointing upward onto a field of inverted liberty bells. Note that the liberty bells are currently silent because of the inability to ring when they are placed upside down representing the current American society's feelings of our government. From the silent bells comes a vision of fire attempting to explode up into the air. At the top left side you will see a series of liberty head crowns atop an image of a sinister face with two eyes. One eye contains a clock which represents time and the other eye is a representation of the Statue of Liberty, which poses the question "Is Time running out on our liberty?" To the left of that we see George Washington, the father of our country, and the artist wonders what Washington would think of the current state of our country.
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